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The RasLaffan Power Company Limited (RLPC) is the first independent power and water plant in State of Qatar, which was incorporated in 2001. The plant is located at RasLaffan Industrial City which is approximately 80 kilometers North East of Doha.
The facility achieved its full production capacity in May 2004 by producing contracted capacity of 756 MW per hour of electricity and 40 million gallons per day of water. Plant is being operated under a 25 years Power and Water Purchase Agreement (PWPA) with KAHRAMAA, the off taker.

RasLaffan Power Company was incorporated as a joint venture between:

AES Corporation (USA) with (55%) shares,
Qatar Electricity and Water Co. (QEWC) with (25%) shares,
Qatar Petroleum (QP) with (10%) shares,
Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) of Kuwait with (10%) shares.

In October 2010, QEWC purchased shares held by AES Corporation increasing its ownership to 80%. Along with this deal QEWC also acquired full rights of Managing, Operating and Maintaining the facility by purchasing 70% shares held by AES Corporation in Raslaffan Operating Company WLL (ROC).



Address: First Floor - Office No. F 6, Al Rabiah Building No. 1, Al-Jazeera Al-Arabia Street, Madinat Khalifa South, Doha – Qatar Tel : 44113316, 44113317 Fax 44672767

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Address: Al Bader Street Ras laffan Industrial City PO Box 22237 Tel 44747444 Fax 44747454

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