QEWC Assets Portfolio

QEWC Power and Water Assets are classified in to three categories as below based on the ownership structure. Currently a Water Plant with 36 MIGD Capacity (RAF A3) is under construction. Another combined cycle plant (Umm Al Haul Power), which is one among the largest in the region with a capacity of 2,520 MW and 136.50 MIGD of water is under construction.

Fully Owned Assets in Qatar

Partially Owned Assets in Qatar

Ras Laffan Power

Location : Ras Laffan, Qatar. Ownership: 80%
Power Capacity: 756 MW
Water Capacity: 40 MIGD


Qatar Power

Location : Ras Laffan, Qatar Ownership: 55%
Power Capacity: 1025 MW
Water Capacity: 60 MIGD


Messaieed Power

Location : Mesaieed, Qatar Ownership: 40%
Power Capacity: 2007 MW
Water Capacity: N/A


Ras Girtas Power

Location : Ras Laffan, Qatar Ownership: 45%
Power Capacity: 2730 MW
Water Capacity: 63 MIGD


Nebras Power

Location : West Bay, Qatar Ownership: 60%


Umm Al Houl Power

Location : Umm Al Houl, Qatar Ownership: 60%
Power Capacity: 2520 MW
Water Capacity: 136 MIGD


Siraj Solar Energy

Location : Al Kharsaah, Qatar Ownership: 60%
Power Capacity: 1000 MW